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I'm Meghan. I enjoy ska music, concerts, good food, pokemon and the summertime.

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~ Monday, May 9 ~

Does anyone else…

get super freaked out when those emergency alert things come on tv? Even when they are just tests, I immediately think there is like a killer outside my window. And that beeping couldn’t be creepier. One just came on. I’m gonna die.

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    I hate those things. They make me nervous and I usually scream if I’m not paying attention. Then it’s awkward. It’s even...
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    I thought I was the only one that gets freaked out by this. Hahaha. The EAS TERRIFIES me. Always has, always will....
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    I listen to the radio at night, and when those come on I hide and cry. I hate alarms, Idc about what they warn about,...
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